Dr Jason Tan is a Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and is engaged in private practice in Adelaide. Dr Tan is conversant in English & Mandarin.

He graduated with a medical degree from the University of Adelaide in 2008 and completed internship and specialist training in various hospitals across Adelaide.

He was the Chief Medical Resident at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and also an Associate Clinical Lecturer with the University of Adelaide. He was awarded his Fellowship of the Adult Medicine Division of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians in General and Acute Care Medicine in 2016.

Dr Tan has presented at various national conferences including Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. He is also a current member of the Internal Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand and the South Australian Internal Medicine Society.

Currently, Dr Tan provides outpatient consultation in the Adelaide CBD area and also provides inpatient consultation services in several private hospitals.

Professional Interests

Dr Tan delivers a holistic approach to patient care by applying himself in all aspects of Internal Medicine. He has a wide range of interests including multi-organ symptoms, signs and investigation abnormalities. He also keeps up-to-date with the latest research to personalize evidence-based medicine to his individual patients.


Appointments To Date

Chief Medical Resident at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Associate Clinical Lecturer with the University of Adelaide
Private Practice Owner – Internal Medicine

Training & Experience

Medical School completed at the University of Adelaide.

Internship & Trainings :
Lyell McEwin Hospital
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Modbury Hospital
Royal Adelaide Hospital

Adelaide Internal Medicine



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“I am passionate in using my wide range of expertise in Adult Internal Medicine to provide a professional, holistic and empathetic approach in caring for my patients.”
- Dr Jason Tan


Patients with multi-organ symptoms, signs and investigation abnormalities

Management of patients with multiple comorbidities and polypharmacy

Assists physicians, surgeons and general practitioners to manage patient with complex medical issues

Hospital based inpatient management of acute illness and infections

Interpretation of abnormal Biochemistry and Haematology results

Undifferentiated presentations eg syncope, dizziness, fatigue, weight loss

Perioperative Medicine including pre-operative outpatient assessment, post-operative inpatient management

Geriatric Syndromes including cognitive decline/dementia, mood disturbance, falls

Endocrine Disease including Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Thyroid disease

Cardiac Disease including Congestive Cardiac Failure, Stable Angina, Atrial arrhythmias, Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia

Respiratory Disease including Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Renal disease including Acute Kidney Injury, Chronic Kidney Disease (excluding dialysis) 

Adelaide Internal Medicine
Chronic Disease Management
Adelaide Internal Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Adelaide Internal Medicine
Heart Disease
Adelaide Internal Medicine
Perioperative Medicine
Adelaide Internal Medicine
Medication Review
Adelaide Internal Medicine
Inpatient Care

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Specialists, also known as General Physicians, have several unique attributes that set them apart from other medical specialists.

They are proficient in the diagnosis and management of acute and complex multi-system disorders in adult patients.

Their training and expertise allows them to assess, diagnose and manage clinical problems by taking into account a patient’s medical and psychosocial circumstances.

They also devise integrated and multidisciplinary management plans using a scientific and evidence-based approach.


Dr Tan currently offers outpatient consulting at his private practice located on :
North Eastern Community Hospital
580 Lower North East Rd
Campbelltown, SA 5074.
Telephone: 8366 8111 | Fax: 8365 1139

Burnside War Memorial Hospital

Adelaide Day Surgery

Calvary Wakefield Hospitals

Ashford Hospital

The Memorial Hospital

Glenelg Community Hospital

Western Hospital



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